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  • To help you break through that glass ceiling of limiting beliefs so you can reach your potential and become self-actualized; the happiest, most fulfilled version of you...

    I made a page where you can freely join our awesome online community and get my groovy emails—yep, THE emails that peeps rave about:

    "You are an amazing writer. If you wrote a book, I would read it cover to cover."

    You'll get mind-blowing and practical insights on meditation, high performance, discipline, neuroscience, energetics, manifestation, positive psychology, quantum physics, goal achievement, and more.

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  • My flagship online program Zen High Performance Method is LIVE and open for enrolment!

    Are you ready to become a magnetic high performer? If you're a spiritual creative, wellness professional, entrepreneur, or founder-to-be... 

    ZHPM will help you transform from feeling limited as to what's possible for you, struggling to progress with consistency, and scared you won't achieve the future you envision to becoming a magnetic high performer so you can execute your next big goal with confident precision, manifest exciting new opportunities for yourself, and create the life full of options and absolute autonomy that you crave.

    Learn more about ZHPM:

    Check out ZHPM student testimonials under the "Schedule" tab. 

  • My brand new signature online program Zen High Performance Method has finished a successful beta round and is gearing up for a fully digital relaunch in Spring 2022! Check out some of the testimonials from ZHPM's Alumni under the Schedule tab, and learn more about how you can also master your energy and create your reality using quantum meditation, habit excellence, and consistently winning your goals in flow.